Tuesday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Charles Barkley discovers the Shake Weight. link

-Nordstrom takes over Union Square. link

-Google reveals its Government Information Request tool, saying that the U.S. demanded user info 3,500 Times in six months. link

-Easyjet tries Facebook marketing. link

-OfferPal launches display ad network for social media. link

-Bizo unveiled MyAds to reach B2B audiences. link

-Second Life (remember that?) gets accused of bait-and-switch. link

-Microsoft’s Kin ad = Shameless, not clueless. link

-The Hitler meme on YouTube is coming to an end if Constantin Films has its say. link

-Goodby and Sex and the City 2 have done some cross-marketing in the name of HP. link

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