Tuesday Odds and Ends

By Erik Oster 

-Netflix and Pittsburgh-based digital agency Deeplocal created a Mr. Bear that turns on season two of Fuller House when you hug it, just in case the show wasn’t already cheesy enough for you (video above).

-A-B InBev is bringing its Busch brand to the Super Bowl for the first time.

-WPP CEO Martin Sorrell thinks 2017 will be much like 2016 for the holding company.


BBDO Pakistan collaborated with UN Women Pakistan to launch an unconventional “#BeatMe” campaign

-Coca-Cola renewed and expanded its relationship with Nashville-based in-house production company SN Studios.

-ALOHA appointed Brooklyn-based agency Madwell as its creative AOR.

-Get ready for more cord cutting: AT&T says demand for DirecTV Now is “exceeding expectations,” and of course it is.

-News Corp CEO Robert Thompson thinks all advertisers bear some blame for the proliferation of fake news.