Tuesday Odds and Ends

By Erik Oster 

-Mcgarrybown launched “Amazing Starts Here” for the Mets’ A minor league affiliate Brooklyn Cyclones (video above).

Rich Siegel thinks that if Matthew McConaughey can be a creative director then the title is officially meaningless.

-Ogilvy Group research and development innovation lab Ogilvy Labs is shutting down


Cliche-buster: men are posting about the Olympics on social media twice as often as women.

-Digiday examines how “Facebook’s now the leader in the fight against ad blocking.”

Minneapolis-based creative consultancy Persuasion Arts & Sciences helped launch a project called Minnesota Comeback that looks to improve the state’s public school test scores.

-Adweek catches up with “J.K. Simmons on His Post-Oscar Popularity and Why He’s So Selective About Ads.”