Tuesday Odds and Ends

By Erik Oster 

-Dunkin’ Donuts released “Sippin'” with Rob Gronkowski and David Ortiz (video above).

-McDonald’s hired Silvia Lagnado as executive vice president and global chief marketing officer and Robert Gibbs as executive vice president and global chief communications officer.

-Biscuit Filmworks added Ruairi Robinson to its directorial roster.

-Digiday examines “How Home Depot and Lowe’s stack up online.”

-Vine is improving its search feature.

-New York/San Francisco-based production company Bodega signed director Mark Rosenberg for his first commercial representation.

-Adweek explores how “A 2-Person Agency You’ve Never Heard of Made Nike’s Stirring Women’s World Cup Ad.

-Strategic branding and design firm Red Peak Branding hired Susan Cantor as president.