Tuesday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Solo would be remiss for not capitalizing on Toby Keith’s bizarre new anthem (above). link

-MDC-owned social media agency Attention is sharing some Twitter data as it relates to #OccupyWallSt. link


-There’s a new female-focused agency out there called Zeehive, just so you know. link

-Facebook’s new iPad app won’t include ads for now. link

-New York-based operation The Gate added the Sunny Delight Beverage Company account to its roster by absorbing the accounts and employees at Carrafiello-Diehl & Associates (CDA).

-Google’s U.S. search share now stands at 65.3 percent. Meanwhile, Yahoo’s has slipped a bit. link

-Here’s one report on the state of billboard and outdoor advertising in the U.S. link

-Can somebody please explain this diagram? link