Tuesday Odds and Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

What kind of world do we live in where NASA might possibly have to name one of the super-expensive space station rooms after faux newser Stephen Colbert? The best kind! The naming decision lies of course in NASA’s hands, but if the Web site that allows us plebes to submit entries had the last say, the space station would have a room called Colbert.

Finally, the world will have a reason to talk about space again, if only for a minute. But after Jon Stewart strangled Jim Cramer with the CNBC host’s own words, well pretty much anything the fake newsers do is now considered legit news. Here’s the other legit news you may want to catch up on.

&#151 Penises are (sorta) red, testicles are (sometimes) blue. If you’re allergic to latex, this condom is for you. link


&#151 DirecTV just paid out the arse for rights to four more years of the NFL’s every last bated breath. link

&#151 Speaking of sports, Major League Baseball is still whoring the sh*t out of itself. link

&#151 The UK’s government is the biggest ad spender…in the UK. Wait, who cares? link

&#151 NBC is well on its way to over-marketing the next Olympics. Kudos, guys, for meeting our every expectation. link

&#151 Two things about Fallon: First, they still have a blog and second they made an application that brings together all your social media thingies and houses them in one place. Wait, didn’t AOL, Friendfeed, Google and on and on and on already do that? Yes, they did. link

&#151 Kim Kardashian is good at two things: sex and oral sex. Here’s a picture of her that was photoshopped for Complex. link

&#151 For the first time ever, AdAge publicly admits we exist (well, almost &#151 see the sub-head). link