Tuesday Odds and Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

As Tuesday draws near its end here in New York we’re happy to be inside where it’s warm while the gross snow-slush-crap-water from yesterday’s baby-blizzard melts away like so many advertisers’ dreams of becoming celebrities. Like it or not, there is hope for a better tomorrow &#151 free of random snow storms and penniless clients. We just have to get through this really long (1-2 year) night first and then find a new way to swindle them out of their customers money. Until then, here’s your news.

&#151 Snickers is a recessionary snack and their new campaign takes real words and mashes them with other words. Example: Snaxi. So cute I could puke all over my desk. Like, all over it. link

&#151 Some smarties (students/researchers, not the candy) over at Harvard say that when a bunch of people are laid off from somewhere, the survivors are less creative and stuff. Could it be because they’re strangled by the inevitability that they’ll be next? How’s that for research. link

&#151 Visa’s got a new $140 million tagline: “More People Go with Visa.” Our response to Visa: “I hope you kept the receipt.” link

&#151 Direct mail is at the same time the best and worst kind of marketing. It works super well, but wastes more trees than the fires that killed the dinosaurs. That’s not true, dinosaurs got colds and that’s how they became extinct, remember? link

&#151 The life of a beer bottle sucks. First you’re filled with piss water to the point of bursting then you’re sucked dry by some asshole who uses you to forget about life. So that’s how Deutsch feels. link

&#151 as many as 25,000 to 36,000 of you (addies) have lost your jobs during this redepression. That blows, big time. link

&#151 Jimmy Fallon did a bang-up job last night during his debut as the new host of Late Night. We posted a clip of him slow-jamming the news. It’s hawt. link

&#151 A new company called adjix wants to put ads on Twitter, but we think they’ll learn that they’re just annoying and after experiencing a few people will reinforce their notions that ads on Twitter are a bad idea. link