Tuesday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

W+K London made this music video for the band Fizzy Blood to try and illustrate what it’s like to suffer from ADHD.

-Netflix plans to bump up its ad spending by 54% next year while continuing to avoid crediting its agencies or discussing those campaigns with the press.

-Superunion is not another Marvel spinoff on ABC. WPP is in consolidation mode yet again, combining 5 mostly UK-based branding agencies to create a new mega-agency.


-What does former Deutsch CEO and current startup executive Linda Sawyer miss most about the agency world? “Internal politics.

-Minneapolis is home to a surprising number of agencies, and it’s also very colorful and very cold. [Insert something about Prince.]

-British retail giant Asda is looking to consolidate the “hundreds of agencies it works with,” which could be bad news for both Publicis and WPP.

-Media agencies are wary of Facebook’s new Watch platform because the social media behemoth is once again dictating the terms of ad sales and targeting strategies.

-Accenture is (almost) acquiring more agencies than Dentsu and WPP combined. But you knew that.

-In more positive news, Saratoga Springs agency Fingerpaint is acquiring … an office building and a parking lot.