Tuesday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-Commonwealth//McCann released a new entry in its reality show-style “real people” Chevy campaign … with a twist.

-The Golden Globes ratings were down 5 percent this year, which came as a surprise to no one. Unfortunately, Oprah’s Twitter mentions don’t count.

-As proud late adopters, we do not understand the rush to voice-activated tech toys. But marketers won’t stop talking about it at CES.


-AdAge explores a new category of campaign: security companies that want to scare the money out of your wallet with ads about ID theft.

-That’s all cool, but does your agency have its own clothing line??

-Unruly North America president Steven Sottile explains what advertising trends viewers can expect from Super Bowl LII.

-We know it’s not advertising per se, but you should still read our parent publication’s history of the Pac Man brand.

-Editorial company Uppercut hired editor Paul La Calandra, formerly of Whitehouse Post.