Tuesday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-Here’s to AMV BBDO blowing shit up for 40 years. May we all age so profitably.

-Clients love Amazon, and agencies are climbing over themselves to offer related services.

-The Covergirl relaunch goes way beyond those Droga5 influencer campaigns, according to this Digiday writeup.


-Retail brands are just as bad at direct marketing as they are at surviving this dog-eat-dog economy.

-Facebook has advertising principles for DAYS.

-Awww, native advertising is growing up for the thirteenth time!

-All the top trade pubs want to know: how’s our friend Peter McGuinness doing at the old Chobani?

-Since Unilever is buying all the SunDial brands, maybe they have also inherited the controversy over Shea Butter campaigns.

-CEO Chuck Donofrio of Baltimore’s Carton Donofrio Partners died at 62.