Tuesday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Colenso BBDO turned beer bottles into sand for New Zealand’s DB Breweries (video above).

Vans’ new campaign explains that its “Off the Wall” slogan is like, about more than just skateboarding, man.

-Omnicom Australia describes Breitbart as “pretty unpalatable for most,” pulls advertising from site.


-Accenture agreed to purchased a 62% stake in German digital agency SinnerSchrader.

-Fiat Chrysler CMO Olivier François told Campaign, “I have a great relationship with the agencies because I don’t expect them to do my job.”

-The Ad Contrarian explains “Why Tiffany Doesn’t Make Infomercials.”

-Freelance writer and young person Owen Williams explains why now is probably not the time to invest in Snapchat, because he’s leaving it (and so are all your friends).