Tuesday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-R/GA Los Angeles recently launched this “Improv” spot promoting Nike’s Kyrie 3, starring Kyrie Irving and Questlove (video above).

-Lexus is returning to the Super Bowl with a Team One spot narrated by Minnie Driver.

-Petcare is now the biggest part of Mars Inc’s business. That’s all good news for BBDO, which handles both Pedigree and Snickers.


-Digiday shares “Confessions of a recovering ad tech executive,” who claims agencies “make decisions based on the Oakleys.”

-Bloomberg takes a look at how some tech companies are embracing affirmative action hiring, while carefully avoiding that term.

-McSweeney’s would like to welcome you to Hoodwink, “the advertising agency that is not an advertising agency.

-Canadian clothing company Gildan bought American Apparel for $88 million in cash, but what about all the gross Terry Richardson-style porn ads??

-TBWA global data director Baker Lambert thinks more agencies need to use the numbers to inform creative. Maybe you’ve heard this before.