Tuesday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-BBH London creatives Rosie Arnold and Vix Jagger riff on the Spice Girls in a “Global Goals” campaign video for Project Everyone (video above).

-Copyranter Mark Duffy asks, “Does advertising even work any more?” Quick, quote some “engagement” numbers and blame millenials.

-Adweek examines “The Unspoken Tourism Taboo: Why Accounts Should Sometimes Go to Out-of-State Agencies.”


Publicis will cure cancer! Or not. You never know.

What is MeringCarson, and why have you never heard of it?!

Is effective creative work on the decline? Are Millennials the WORST? Will peanut butter ever be anything without jelly?!

As San Francisco officials struggle to balance the city budget, activists and some lawmakers want the tech sector to help pay for programs for the homeless and for affordable housing.

-Coca-Cola launched its own YouTube TV channel, Coke TV.