Trop50 Tries to Keep the Juice Going on New Year’s Resolutions

By Jordan Teicher 

Trop50’s “Resolution Rescue” campaign, produced by the newly merged Agency Republic (and Critical Mass), is sort of like a digital addiction sponsor. Only, the sponsor doesn’t try very hard to stop you from your addiction and really only wants you to drink more low-calorie orange juice.

Resolution Rescue offers a semi-personalized response to those who tweet about potentially breaking their New Year’s resolutions. The video above gives a good example of the creative work: @MissTrixster wants to stop eating sweets and do more exercise, so Trop50’s response makes a clever joke about training by staring at muffins. Agencies that roll out these response-based campaigns typically have a few options that repeat, but to Agency Republic’s credit, there seems to be enough detail and personalization to tailor to the needs of most tweeters.


Of course, the campaign also hinges on a few ridiculous points: people need to tweet thoughts about breaking resolutions without actually breaking them, and the resolutions need to be simple. What if your resolution is to stop tweeting? What if your resolution is to stop drinking sugary drinks? Does Trop50 send you a black screen? Credits after the jump.

James Hodson – Copywriter

Jason Keet – Art Director

Alistair Campbell – Executive Creative Director

Tom Cole – Technical Director

Bashkim Isai – Creative Technologist

Michael Robinson – Design

Stephen Armstrong – Business Director

Richard Templeman – Project Manager

Alistair Millen – Strategy

Kelly Noble – Producer @Bridal

Production Company: Not To Scale

Simon Robson – Director

Dan O’Rourke – Producer

Sound: Grand Central Studios

Tom Pugh – Sound Design