Troika Crafts Encore Rebrand

By Erik Oster 

Hollywood-based agency Troika helped Encore with a re-brand of their eight premium channels, including “eight new logos, network packaging, channel IDs, an image spot, and trade & consumer ad templates.”

The rebrand was crafted by a team of “15 strategists, writers, designers, animators, editors and producers” to play off and expand Encore’s existing “Playing Favorites” brandline and position. “We wanted to bring more meaning to the position by building a brand that takes the role of friend and fellow movie-lover, and express this in unique ways across ENCORE’s
premium channels through language and visuals,” explains Dale Everett, creative director at Troika.

Part of the rebrand will be a new programming strategy designed to take advantage of “market opportunities amidst evolving demographics and viewing preferences.” This includes a shift from Encore Drama to Encore Black, and Encore Love to Encore Classic.

The new brand voice is catered to speak directly to different audiences across Encore’s channels, with “He’s Full of Shh” for Austin Powers on Encore and “Yes We Remember” for The Alamo on Encore Westerns, for example.

The rebrand, which also features a redesigned logo and new, bold graphics debuted on December 2nd. You can view a montage of the rebrand above, or head here for an in-depth case study.