Trim That Bush Ladies

By Matt Van Hoven 

Wow, subtlety is not lost in this Schick Quattro TrimStyle Razor ad. We aren’t sure whodunnit, but needless to say, it’s pretty direct.

When it comes to shaving one’s vagina, we’re not experts. Mustaches are another thing. The thing about getting it short down there is, of course, the risk of painful red stubblies if you don’t exfoliate enough or whatever.

But it’s that time of year when we start pulling the string bikinis out (please, has anyone ever seen one of these on a “real” woman? we’re probably hanging out at the wrong beaches) and dusting off our crotches in hopes that someone will touch them. What the hell has gotten into me today?

Anyway, we laughed a lot at this ad, so if it’s like 6 years old save your comments. It’s funny. Ladies, as painful as it is, our manpinion is that waxing wins, every time. Wait, this is an ad blog &#151 this piece was very well thought out, and the use of “shrubbery” clearly delivers the message. Buzzzzzzzzzz.

We’re going to get a request for this ad to be pulled, so watch it now before it goeth.

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