Tribble Founder Wants to Bomb You Via Mobile Device

By Bob Marshall 

Okay, so it isn’t the greatest video you’ve ever seen, but a successful Kickstarter campaign doesn’t require a flashy video to go along with it, right? (Wrong.)

Well, if you couldn’t make it through the full 56 seconds, we’ll give you a breakdown. Roger Wehbe, best known as the founder of Tribble Advertising Agency News and President of Yooter InterActive Marketing, has taken to Kickstarter to raise funds for his new project, “GPS Powered Real life iPhone / Android bombing video game.” No, it’s not a very catchy title, but taking into account how much Wehbe evangelizes about the importance of SEO and SEM on Tribble, we assume he has some reason for it. Basically, the app/game would allow mobile users to set digital bombs for each other using GPS coordinates, and reward points for successful bombings/diffusings. He’s even built an interactive prototype that depicts how the game would work here (and image below).

Why should you care about Wehbe’s worrisome obsession with bombing innocent people? According to a post on Tribble, his idea fulfills exactly what Facebook needs to succeed. By his math, “GPS + Game + Mobile = advertising dollars.” He elaborates by saying the majority of his early investors are advertising industry denizens who see the potential in “the concept of being able to tell Dunkin Donuts that they have 27 potential customers at this exact moment are within 800 feet of their location at 1st and Main Street.” In other words, its like reverse Foursquare, but with bombs. Currently, Wehbe’s raised only $44 of his $5000 goal he needs to hit by July 5. So, if you’re an advertiser who thinks what Wehbe thinks you think, think about donating to his Kickstarter campaign here.