Tribal DDB, Philips Are ‘Obsessed with Sound’

By Bob Marshall 

From Tribal DDB Amsterdam and Philips comes the “Obsessed with Sound” campaign, an interactive online experience starring the Grammy-winning Metropole Orchestra. As we’ve seen recently, it can be difficult for an electronics company to demonstrate how they “get” a purer audio experience better than anyone else, with JBL choosing to get endorsements from a wide array of musicians who use its equipment. For Phillips’ line of audio products, Tribal DDB opted to utilize a single musical entity, an entire orchestra, separate it by instrument type, and then break it up by individual musicians.

By following the “Hear Every Detail” tab on Philips’ Facebook page, users are guided to a new window. A camera pans around on the orchestra, and with the click of the button, a user is able to separate one instrument out from the rest of the orchestra and read a short biography of the musician behind the instrument.


As Tribal DDB ECD Chris Baylis explains in a statement, “In music, every single detail matters. It’s about the 2nd violinist, the triangle player, the double bassist, and the producer, all the ‘unheard heroes’. It’s the collaboration that brings brilliance to a piece of music. The challenge of the campaign was to have visitors experience every detail of the audio piece, to highlight each and every nuance of sound.” When we fired up the experience, we were floored by how intricate and astounding the campaign is. It’s work like this that gives often overused (and at times meaningless) words like “interactive” and “digital” depth, and the kind of innovative thinking you’d wish a branded “digital agency” produced all of the time. A standing ovation to Philips, Tribal DDB and, of course, the great talents of the Metropole Orchestra. Credits after the jump.

Advertising Agency: Tribal DDB Amsterdam
Executive Creative Director: Chris Baylis
Concept: Bart Mol, Pol Hoenderboom
Art Director: Bart Mol
Copywriter: Pol Hoenderboom
Design: Robbin Cenijn
Creative Technologist: Ian Bauer
Director: Rob Chiu
Executive Producers: Marcel Kornblum, Mark Pytlik
DoP: Matias Boucard
Technical Lead: Jan Willem Penterman
Strategy: Henk Rijks
Account: Sandra Krstic
Production: Jeroen Jedeloo, Richard Land, Christy Wassenaar
Production Company: Stink
Interactive Production @ Stinkdigital: Peter Arato, Dan Beattie, Philip Bulley, Magnus Dahlstrand, Dave Luff, Marcel Kornblum, Neil Nand
Orchestra: Metropole Orchestra
Conducted by Jules Buckley
Composition: I’m No Prototype
Composed by Berend Dubbe & Sonja van Hamel
Music supervisor: MassiveMusic