Tribal DDB GCD’s Side Project: Live Sex Demos

By Kiran Aditham 

When tipsters first sent us the story of Jim Marcus and his girlfriend’s, um, “lecture” at Northwestern University, our initial instinct was to check LinkedIn, and boy were we gobsmacked to learn that this was the same Jim Marcus who’s not only a group creative director at Tribal Chicago, but the lead singer of one Die Warzau, a personal favorite band during the 90’s (check out Engine if you’re into synth-pop/industrial).

Fanboy bias aside, Marcus, who we’ve been told works on the McDonald’s account, did cause a bit of a stir at Northwestern this week after he used a “high-powered sex toy” on his naked fiancee during an after-class lecture on Feb. 21. Well, the class was Human Sexuality, but nonetheless, Marcus and gal pal’s actions forced NW president Morton Schapiro to launch an investigation today. Ken Melvoin-Berg, who teaches “Networking for Kinky People” and was being paid for the after-class event, tried to defend what happened to the Chicago Sun-Times, saying,  “Tt’s a BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism) toy but it’s not like a pain thing. It’s more like a woman can get off in under three minutes.”

Spies wonder if Marcus having the article proudly displayed on his Facebook page could be detrimental to his day job. Venue choice aside (should’ve just saved it for a fetish club), we say hey, it was out of office and to each their own, plus how many creatives does Tribal Chicago have left anyways these days?