Tribal DDB Dallas Eliminates “Some Positions”

By Kiran Aditham 

A handful of tips streamed into the ‘Spy line this week claiming that Tribal DDB Dallas was cutting staff (again), with rumors ranging from Tribal “axing a ton of people” to “laying off about 50% of the office.” While the agency called the latter comment “quite an exaggeration,” they nevertheless confirmed to us that there were indeed cuts and offered this statement:

“Given the economic conditions and the general softening in marketing budgets, today Tribal DDB Dallas had to make the difficult decision to eliminate some positions in the agency. We are now better aligned with client needs but regret this necessary step. Meanwhile, Tribal DDB is expanding into new geographies such as Argentina and Turkey and is committed to being one of the world’s largest and most powerful digital networks.”


While sources are telling us that the number is anywhere from less than 30 all the way to 40, the news comes just two months after the Dallas office let a few folks go and reorganized the creative department in the process.

As a sad footnote, here’s a Facebook update from one of those that got the boot:

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