Trailer Park Group Launches New Gaming Agency, Mutiny

By Nandika Chatterjee 

Trailer Park Group, a global leader in entertainment marketing and content production, has launched Mutiny, a new gaming agency born from the group’s recent successes and growth in gaming practices.

By launching Mutiny, Trailer Park Group will be able to tap into what is predicted to be a $250 billion gaming industry by 2025. As an integrative creative agency focused on gaming, Mutiny will allow the Group to create content, campaigns and dictate market-moving cultures.

Rick Eiserman, CEO of the Trailer Park Group explained how games are becoming a leading form of entertainment, making it a critical aspect of the group’s offering.


“Our largest clients are all doubling down in the gaming space, so it was a logical evolution to launch a dedicated global gaming division that is fully integrated and backed by Trailer Park Group’s specialized content production network,” Eiserman told Adweek.

Eiserman continued that the group has ambitious growth plans, in terms of global clients and partnerships, planned for the near future. He acknowledged the immense expanse of content and storytelling opportunity that comes with “supporting and expanding the rich worlds of games.”

Geordie Larratt-Smith joined Trailer Park Group in 2021 and now becomes senior vice president of Mutiny. In the span of 12 months, he has grown his team to over 25 full-time employees who are passionate members of the gaming community, and the agency has partnered with top gaming platforms like Xbox. Mutiny’s support on Xbox’s Game Pass global marketing efforts helped the subscription service surpass its 25 million subscriber milestone.

“For us, Mutiny is about taking on the unknown and finding opportunity within a fast-moving market environment. This isn’t a rebellion, it’s a proclamation for what we think is possible when you combine unwavering audience focus with relentless creative exploration,” Larratt-Smith told Adweek.

He emphasized the importance of truly understanding the gaming landscape—the constant and rapid evolution of the gaming industry forces brands to consider capable agency partners who understand “these shifting dynamics and are embedded in gaming culture.”

With considerable growth in the market, competition follows close behind. Noah Eichen, Mutiny’s executive creative director shared that its “brand agency experience and deep gaming audience expertise” sets it apart from competitors.

Eichen said that the agency’s multi-faceted teams highlight a variety of unique passions and backgrounds and break down the traditional agency walls. He explained that the agency helps solve “challenges with stories that players find relatable, with talent that naturally fits, on the channels where they are already spending their time, with ideas that surprise and delight.”

Mutiny explained that the gaming culture is growing and won’t be leaving the societal framework anytime soon, becoming more intertwined in our daily lives.

“We live in a world now where we’ve never been more connected through our devices, and it’s the shared experience and connection that gaming provides that creates a culture bigger than all of us,” Eichen concluded.