TracyLocke Locks Reebok Retail Biz

By Kiran Aditham Comment

Perhaps lost amidst all the pomp and circumstance surrounding Reebok’s reunion with DDB, the latter of which has grabbed the baton once again from McGarryBowen on global AOR duties, is that the retail portion of the business for the footwear/sportswear brand was also in play. Well, while details are scant at the moment, we’ve received confirmation from those in the know that Dallas-based TracyLocke has recently emerged as winner in the retail pitch, though fellow participating agencies and even incumbent haven’t been disclosed (we’re still pressing to find out the latter, at least).

As a result of Reebok’s decision, TracyLocke will work on the launch of branded stores, merchandising, launch of new brands, and special limited time offers of “their classic line” (as always, we’re hoping for the Pump) among other duties. To address another TracyLocke matter that a tipster brought up, this concerning its Pepsi business, we’ve been told that the agency is in the process of developing full-scale digital teams in its office in New York’s SoHo neighborhood as well as Dallas to service said client. From what we hear, no layoffs have occurred as a result of any TL transitions.