Toyota’s Tundra To Tow a Gigantic Spaceship

By Ella Riley-Adams 

Americans love consumption and firepower; any campaign that focuses on those concepts is bound to get us going. So when Toyota combined the power of cars and rocket ships, we took notice. The automaker’s latest campaign, ‘The Tundra Endeavor” (we’re checking to if Saatchi LA’s involved), plays to our obsession with outer space and our appreciation for all things wheeled and rugged. On October 13, one Tundra truck will tow the “national icon” Endeavour from LAX to its new home at the California Science Center.

To track the phases of ‘The Tundra Endeavour,’ Toyota has built a destination site. It currently features a generous Twitter promo (tweet, and Toyota will donate $50.00 to the CA Science Center) and a video on their upcoming challenge. To ensure their truck was up to the task, Toyota experts hitched it up to 307,000 pounds of material. It’s a normal Tundra truck,  they assure us; it’s just like the one you’ll buy in the lot.


If you’re a truck aficionado, it appears you’ve got two things to get excited about: one, getting to drive alongside a spaceship on the highway as it makes its trek to the museum and two, eventually driving this extraordinarily powerful rig. Just please, use its capabilities, whether you tow a horse trailer or a yacht. If you’re riding solo in a vehicle that has the ability to tow an epic national emblem (and thus probably gets 4 miles to the gallon), expect to dodge a few tomatoes and “accidental” car keys, especially in California.

Update: We’re still confirming but it does appear to be Saatchi & Saatchi LA’s handiwork as a tipster kindly sent us this:

“Saatchi LA creative team Verner Soler (Senior Art Director) and Graham McCann (Senior Copywriter) came up the idea of the Tundra Endeavour. Erich Funke is the CD. Chris Adams and Margaret Keene are the ECDs.”