Tourism Montreal Seeks Gay Tourists with ‘Cheeky’ Video

By Matt Van Hoven 

Update: A representative from Tourism Montreal tells us that Montreal based Sid Lee is the agency responsible for “Dave Does Montreal” &#151 Cossette handles media.

The above video for Tourism Montreal, called “Dave Does Montreal” starts out well enough; a young guy (Dave?) talks about the perception of Montreal as a destination for homosexuals, then extols the city’s other, more traditional touristic offerings. Behind him we see two horse-drawn carriages, the nearest of which has its canopy up.

A few moments into Dave’s little speech, the closest carriage begins rocking from side to side, and squeaking in a manner not unlike an old wooden-framed bed might. What’s going on in there? The sound is rhythmic…need we say more?

But after 15-or-so seconds of this, the rocking/squeaking stops.

Click continued to read what happens or just watch the video.


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Two guys hop out of the carriage; one, looking disheveled, arranges his shirt and hops on to the other carriage. The second guy lowers the canopy, and goes about his day (presumably).

“…Don’t take me wrong, the gay scene’s fabulous, but it’s not thw whole story,” explains Dave.

We believe this campaign to be the work of Cossette Media, a Canadian shop that has worked with Tourism Montreal in the past. We contacted the agency but were not able to confirm their participation by the time this story was published.

It’s certainly a provocative piece, but what do you think? Share your comments below.