Toshiba, Capital C Make College Awkward Again

By Jordan Teicher 

Toronto shop Capital C and Toshiba have teamed for a new online back-to-school campaign meant for silly college guys who need cool technology. Sometimes, these college guys use the technology for school, other times, for play. In “Chicken Prank,” a helpless dormer finds himself wrapped to his bed with chickens on the loose, and to get out of the rut, he waves his feet in front of a touch-controlled monitor. In “Math Notes,” handwritten notes on a tablet lead to an awkward moment of affection between roommates. And in “Black Light,” well, I’ll let you figure that one out on your own.

What’s most interesting about this trio of Toshiba spots is that they are clearly targeting only males. I’m not sure if any female-themed spots about woo girls and sorority hijinks are on the docket, but I’m curious to know why Toshiba is only looking for collegiate males to purchase products for this campaign, especially considering more girls than guys go to college. But, aside from the oversight, the creatives took care of business with some safely effective locker room humor.

Credits and the two other spots after the jump.

Executive Creative Director: Gary Watson
Art Directors: Gary Watson, Stephen Sandian (Black Light)
Writers: Gary Watson, Kurtis Martin (Black Light)
Agency Producers: Margaret Callaghan, Shireen Shah
Account Service: Jason West, Martha Bushell, Will Dell
Production Company: Untitled Films, Toronto
Director: Aleysa Young
Executive Producer: Estelle Weir
Producer: Robbie McNamara
Cinematographer: Bobby Shore
Editing: Panic & Bob, Toronto
Editor: Marco Pazzano
Casting: Stephen Mann Casting
Online: Crush