Toronto’s Zulu Alpha Kilo Finds New Ways Not to Promote Itself

By Patrick Coffee 

We know that Toronto’s Zulu Alpha Kilo does make ads for clients trying to sell products to consumers. We have posted them on occasion: there was Cineplex and the one about Nestea’s huge cans and the patio thing for Corona.

That said, most of the agency’s work that makes its way to us concerns PSAs or stunts that ultimately serve to promote the agency itself. The latest is no exception. It’s a campaign announcing the launch of Zulu’s new website, the purpose of which is to make fun of agency websites.

Here’s what we guess you might call an anthem spot.


The site ( includes several more examples of jokes made at the expense of ad world cliches. For example, the “work” URL includes “case studies” on fictional campaigns for such “clients” as Plan C condoms, for which Zulu “…sent out fake positive STD tests to influential college students and captured their reactions on hidden camera.”

Here’s more from Glen and his very authentic accent.

Additional jokes to be enjoyed:

In case the purpose of the project weren’t clear, founder and CCO Zak Mroueh writes, “Every agency website essentially says the same thing. So we decided to poke a little fun at the sameness of the industry with our Mocku-site.”

From the release:

“The new site replaces the ‘real’ Zulu Alpha Kilo’s simplistic original website that contained no address, phone number, or information about senior management. … The agency is using the new site as a chance to create entertaining content, albeit fictional. All production was handled through Zulu’s content creation division zulubot.”

We get it, but we do have a serious question: what’s with all the joke projects from Canadian agencies? Is it something in the water, or…?


Creative Director: Zak Mroueh
Writer: Nick Asik, Jon Webber, George Ault, Kaidy Wong, Jon Taylor, Courtney Brown, Jerry Brens
Art Director: Omar Morson, Ari Elkouby, Jonathan Armstrong, Ryan Booth, Sherry Dubeau
Photographer: Jamie Morren
Accounts: Robyn Morrissey
Agency Producer: Ola Stodulska, Tara Handley
Production House: zulubot
Interactive Programming: Justo Tellez, Gillian Black
Interactive Producer: Ola Stodulska
Director: Zak Mroueh
D.O.P: Michael Headford
Video Post Facility / Editing Company: zulubot
Editor: Michael Headford