Toronto-Based Open Presents ‘The Marketer’s Anthem’

By Erik Oster 

How about some Friday morning inspiration?

Operating under the assumption that marketers aren’t self-congratulatory enough already, Toronto-based creative shop Open created “The Marketers’ Anthem” for this year’s Marketer of the Year issue of Strategy. Luckily, Open had a sense of humor about the video.

Dedicated to “Consumer Whisperers, Mother Targeters and Brand Guardians” everywhere,  the video is a well-produced and humorous homage to the men and women who “moved us to vote, follow, share, pin, tweet, re-tweet and like.” Open pokes fun at trends like adding “-vertising” to everything, and using acronyms like ROI for return on investment and KPI “instead of what KPI stands for.” (It’s key performance indicator, guys.) The good-natured humor and sarcasm are balanced out by an earnest call to action, and it’s this balance that makes the 1:30 video work. Because on the one hand, it’s impressive that digital marketers have invented a cookie that we can be friends with, but on the other hand, “Oh god, we’re friends with a cookie.” Credits after the jump.  Credits:

Creative Agency: Open, Toronto, Canada

Partner Creative: Martin Beauvais

Partner Strategy: Christian Mathieu

Art Director: Jessica Carter

Copywriter: Kate Thorneloe

Project Lead: Anne Ngo

Project Manager: David Power


Production: School Editing

Editor: Ryan Hunt

Assistant Editing: Daniel Bochenski

Exec Producer: Sarah Brooks

Producer: Emily Torontow



Music and Sound Design: Apollo Studios

Sound Design: Yan Dal Santo 

Sound Design: Daenen Bramberger

Sound Design: Harry Knazan

Sound Design: Armen Bazarian

Exec Producer: Benedicte Luneau

Producer: Tom Hutch