Too Gross For Words: O.J. Simpson And Ad Space

By SuperSpy 

What’s grosser than gross? Thomas Riccio (pictured above) is a witness in the upcoming O.J. Simpson trial. Right. You do remember that the deeply soiled football star was recently accused of robbery and kidnapping, yeah?

Riccio, who co-owns the auction house Universal Rarities, was with Simpson when they confronted a dealer who was supposedly selling ill-gotten O.J. memorabilia. Then the guns came out. Then the violence. You know how O.J. can get.

So, this dude Riccio is a key witness in the case and he wants to charge brands $7,000 for a magnetic ad on his limo or $6,000 for a logo placement on his hat. Check this out (you can see Riccio being innovative here) for $5K he’ll dine at your restaurant on the night that he testifies.

What’s even grosser than that? There’s a real live advertising and marketing executive involved in selling this nasty-ass idea. Jon Fondy was once an actor himself, which explains how he’s willing to take on Riccio. Anything to stay in the spotlight, right? He told the press that:

“The attention is enormous. We’ve been approached now by online gaming companies, clubs – it’s a little more enticing for them.”

Uh-huh. Just because something might make you cash, doesn’t mean you do it. Did we learn nothing from the Judith Regan/”If I Did It” book boondoggle?