Tony Granger Is Out Of The Rubber Room

By SuperSpy 

Tony Granger is supposed to be working at Young and Rubicam, but if you recall, that big bad dawg named Kevin Roberts was determined to hold Tony to his contract with Publicis Groupe. The terms of the employment contract would have kepy Granger at the agency until this November, a full year after his resignation. However, now that Gerry Graf of TBWA signed onto to replace Granger in February, it seems that Roberts is willing to let his grudge go. Seriously though… what made Tony think that unlike everyone else in the world, he wasn’t obligated to be bound by his contract? Hubris is a dangerous thing.

Today, AdAge is reporting that Tony could be out of that his contract by the end of April. This situation is kind of like when New York City teachers get put in the Rubber Room. These people have been put on some sort of probationary status and must report to this room every day until the matter is cleared up. Often, they have no idea what they did to be placed in the RR. They get their full paychecks, but the average length of stay is often months and sometimes years. Christ. Now, aren’t you glad you’re in advertising?


Tony has got to be psyched! He’s just in time to run some more fake ads for the awards season. Sweet.