Today’s Odd Combo: BDW, Zombies vs Hippies and MS Tag Tech

By Michael Musco 

BDWStudents at CU might start seeing some strange posters with images of dread-headed, stoner hippies and bloody zombies around campus. What the heck? Let us explain. Boulder Digital Works at the University of Colorado at Boulder  with the support of digital creative agency Exopolis, is launching Zombies vs. Hippies, an designed to engage CU students with Microsoft Tag technology on their mobile devices, iPhones, Blackberry, Android-pick your poison.

The strategy is combining campus culture with a physical and virtual game designed to activate use of Microsoft Tag technology  among college students, serving as an interactive way for students to socialize with friends, meet like-minded peers, fuck-buddies and everything else throughout the CU campus.


This campaign explores the potential of mobile technology to create interactive and entertaining experiences.  The outcomes of Zombies vs Hippies will open a few doors on the ways college kids use their mobile devices beyond traditional information and communication tools, as well as the implications for advertising, marketing and social media. It’s a good experiment and is sure to have a positive outcome. College is all about experimentation, ya know.