Today’s Ad Ripoff: Snickers v. Wazoo

By Bob Marshall 

It’s been a while since we posted an ad ripoff on AgencySpy. So, what better time than the present?

Today’s ad ripoff pairs an ad for Topps’ Wazoo candy bar against Snickers, which are, by the way, direct competitors. This isn’t the first time the above Wazoo spot from 2009 has been part of an ad ripoff issue. Upon its release, BrandFreak called foul, comparing it to a Budweiser ad from the 1970s that also personified taste buds. But, maybe 30 years was long enough for Wazoo to get away with a ripoff, right?


On the other hand Snickers recently released a new campaign, also featuring happy guys dressed like taste buds reacting to Snickers Ice Cream bars. We ask you, dear commenters, is Snickers guilty of a idea lifting here? Or, as this formula is nothing new, is Snickers in the clear? We also submit for your criticism a recent Reebok spot that kind of looks kind of like both of these. Is personifying pink inanimate objects an idea that might as well be considered public domain at this point?