Today on the Menu: Thrillist NY Editor, Steve Bryant

By Matt Van Hoven 

Note: Listen to the awkward beginning where my cohost Jason fumbles my name (Van Derhoven?) and my connection breaks and things get awkward. The sound quality on this thing is iffy due to my crappy cell phone. We’ll get better, we promise.

Today Galleycat editor Jason Boog and I chatted it up with New York editor Steve Bryant. Nothing advertising related here, so maybe skip it. However, we did have a good chat about Gov. Sanford’s affair &#151 specifically how disappointing it is that the “event” turned into said affair. Can’t people just go hiking anymore?

We also got on the summer movie topic and learned about Bryant’s RentalCarRally, a days long road rally event that takes folks all over the place. This edition, New York gangs cruise to Detroit. It’s cheap, fun and a good excuse to get out of the city. Click the link for more.