Today on the Menu: “This is Why You’re Fat” co-Creator/BuzzFeed Viral Marketing Editor Jessica Amason Talks New Online Advertising Formats

By Matt Van Hoven 

User Generated Content: it’s a bit of a mystery, but a few select companies have managed to harness its power and turn it into profit. Many believe UGC is part of the next phase of online advertising, and joining us to discuss the matter was Jessica Amason, viral marketing editor at BuzzFeed and co-creator of “This is Why You’re Fat” &#151 a Tumblr blog dedicated to “food porn” as Amason calls it.

One benefit to using UGC is the ability to track feedback, real time, and in turn modify a campaign (or headline, from the content side) to maximize a story/video/ad’s viral-goodness. With BuzzFeed’s analytics reports, clients can see everything that’s happening with their content &#151 what keywords are hitting, which social media technology is most used to spread it, who is reading/watching.


“Each of those elements points to how and why something is spreading,” said Amason. “And I think that those are key [data] that advertisers don’t really have.”

Also discussed: Times earnings report; Google music; social media strategy.

The show was hosted by myself and PRNewser Editor Joe Ciarallo. You can listen to all the past podcasts archived at or download episodes for free on iTunes.

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