Today on the Menu: The Masked Rider Carries Only Red Pencils

By Matt Van Hoven 

Shawn Webster and Keith Gibson reached out to us a few months ago to share the news that they, along with a few colleagues, were raising awareness and funds for the fight against AIDS. To do it, Webster and his crew of creatives organized the Red Pencils (site), a group of advertising men and women who felt guilty for convincing so many fat kids to buy candy bars. Helping find a cure for AIDS washes some their pains.

This morning we speak with Webster about the campaign the Red Pencils have put together (hint: see below) wherein a scary red Mexican-style wrestler extols the wisdom of giving back.

The podcast begins live every morning at 9:30 am EST and can be shared through the widget above and played anytime after recording.

Old People Love! from Masked Rider on Vimeo.

Follow the movement on Twitter: @redpencils.

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