Today on the Menu: TechCrunch = An Advertising Dream, Kindle Books Are Wicked Overpriced

By Matt Van Hoven 

They say you’re not supposed to argue with people you invite onto your company’s 15 minute podcast, especially when your cohost is the guy who asked said guest on. And then especially if you don’t know anything about publishing and you’re like, “songs are a buck online, so books should be cheap too ha ha.” It’s not funny when the author of a recently published book then explains to you, basically, that you’re a naive idiot &#151 by saying, there’s a lot to it that you don’t understand.


True, but in a time when anything &#151 even Twitter’s deepest secrets &#151 can be obtained through the Web, it behooves publisher’s to compromise and stop charging $9.99 for an e-book that it cost them nothing to reproduce. Yeah, they paid for a bunch of stuff leading up to that point, but maybe there are just way too many books being published these days. Or, maybe, our society should start reading more: by having access to cheap digital books!

Anyway, Lisa R. Cohen is an Emmy Award-winning television news magazine producer and author of the investigative nonfiction book, “After Etan.” She’s a fabulous sport for coming on.

Next Wednesday, George Parker.