Today on the Menu: LA Times’ Matea Gold Dissects ’60 Minutes’

By Matt Van Hoven 

CBS’ ’60 Minutes’ (TV’s most successful news magazine) is no spring chicken, but last season it managed to thwart a 10 season ratings decline in favor of a 10% viewer bump &#151 bringing the audience to 14.3 million. Though the audience is largely on the older end of the age spectrum, and the presidential campaign (coupled with a few face to face Senator/President Obama interviews), the show has managed to stay relevant and maybe even ahead of the curve.


LA Times television media staff writer Matea Gold joined us to discuss precisely what’s happening behind the scenes there. Despite the passing of creator Don Hewitt this summer, 60’s chutzpah lives on in its stable of 10 reporters. Among them, Katie Couric and CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Something you won’t find in Gold’s story


Episodes of the Menu are details regarding 60’s Web strategy, which includes cross-overs with Vanity Fair and Web video versions of the weekly program. You can follow their content via