Today on the Menu: Journalism Lives, Dies and Gets Detained Simultaneously,

By Matt Van Hoven 

Journalism is, I swear, one of the coolest professions out there &#151 depending on how you practice it. To some purveyors of the trade, the 6 month in depth research pieces are the cats toes. For others, getting scoops is journalism at its best. At the root of it all is sharing a story, an idea, a tragedy, a scandal in a way other people can understand &#151 a challenge that’s not easily met.

But storytellers and journalists have one inherent problem: they usually don’t get to be part of the action. Increasingly, it seems, young Americans are seeking to tell your stories, as applications to undergraduate and graduate journalism programs are up &#151 despite the industry having shat itself. Incontinence is a part of life, and the kids coming in with digital skills will be the diaper and wet wipe this business has needed for a decade.

Also, did you see this thing about the New York Post and the NYPD raining on the Yes Men’s parade? It happened.

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