Today on the Menu: HSBC’s New York’s Money Issue Sponsorship is “a Morbid Symptom” of Traditional’s Looming Death

By Matt Van Hoven 

Lawrence Weschler is old school. The former New Yorker staff writer spends his days teaching the tenets of long-form non-fiction writing at NYU, but in a former life crafted profiles of figures like Roman Polanski.


Today he came on to speak about the transformation occurring in journalism today, and said something really poignant about HSBC’s sponsorship of the New Yorker’s Money Issue. He said that traditional must die for the new to be born &#151 and “HSBC sponsoring…the money issue is a morbid symptom” of the looming end. Ouch. HSBC dropped $1 million for “three different illustrated money-themed covers on each magazine”.

DeadlineHollywoodDaily’s Nikki Finke referred to the issue as “dullsville” &#151 but that was in reference to a rather positive profile written about her that was surreptitiously added to the lineup.

Her headline: “How Hollywood Manipulted the New Yorker”.

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