Today on the Menu: Dominick Dunne Died, VH1’s Done with Sex-Reality Fun, Google Owns Everything

By Matt Van Hoven 

Dominick Dunne died yesterday after living a life of great accomplishment and greater loss. The noted movie producer, television show-frequenter and author/journalist was probably best known for his investigative journalism, often covering “assholes” for Vanity Fair. He said he wrote about assholes so well because he used to be one &#151 as in he was a partying movie producer who liked his drink, etc etc.


And then he cleaned up. And then in 1982 his daughter died and he changed his career, becoming the journalist you know today. His death is no less notable than Senator Ted Kennedy’s, because without writers like Dunne, the stories about the Kennedys of the world wouldn’t be nearly as compelling.

We also spoke about VH1’s programming change and Google taking over the publishing world. Meh.