Today on the Menu: Cronkiters Remembering The Man, Myth, Legend; Your Big Brother Kindle

By Matt Van Hoven 

Walter Cronkite passed away late last week ending the era whereby a man’s voice dictated the tone and feeling of a news piece. Well, really it ended 28 years ago when Cronkite retired, but talking about him on the show this morning, guest host Amanda Ernst of Fishbowl NY noted that never again will one anchorperson’s gravitas be so important.

And in case you missed it, someone improperly licensed the books 1984 and Animal Farm, forcing Amazon to rip the digital versions of the book from the Kindle. This devastated at least one high school student who lost half a summer’s worth of notes on the titles. The irony of a book reseller pulling a book about the government banning books was not lost on us.

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