Today on the Menu: CBS Correspondent Dave Price is Stranded in America

By Matt Van Hoven 

Dave Price’s bosses are having a laugh right now. They sent their Early Show correspondent to southern California with nothing more than $50 and told him to make his way back to New York in a week &#151 by 7 a.m. Friday morning to be exact. Right now he’s in Nebraska and with only 48 hours to the deadline and just over $100 in his pocket, the race to NYC is looking grim.


Price says the kindness of America’s citizens has been pivotal to how far he’s gotten in just a few days. On nothing more than a wink, a smile and a ton of Tweeting, he’s made it pretty darn far. He’s earned money by working on a ranch, in a meat-packing plant (not that kind) and in one case driving a car from auction to a dealership.


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