Today on the Menu: Cartoonist Bob Eckstein and Why Yahoo/Microsoft will Fail

By Matt Van Hoven 

Bob Eckstein did not draw the cartoon you see above (but he did do this stuff), but he has done more editorializing within the confines of a small box than most of us could do with a thousand words. He’s freelance these days but for the last three years sketched for The New Yorker, Reader’s Digest and the Times.

Eckstein discussed his struggle to freelance in this grim economy, delivering a cartoonist’s take the day’s biggest headlines: the Yahoo/Microsoft partnership, Sarah Palin’s possible radio show, and the payment model at the topic-oriented web publication, The Faster Times.

Tomorrow on the show be sure to tune in when we’ll have Gawker Media‘s Hamilton Nolan, a writer whose ability to point out the obvious is seconded only by his penchant for making you laugh.


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