Today on the Menu: Alyssa Katz and Real Estate Crap; a Twitter Fail; Michael Jackson Pics

By Matt Van Hoven 

Good morning professionals, we hope your yesterday was sweet like a peach. Today on the Morning Media Menu we spoke with Alyssa Katz, journalist and author, whose new book “Our Lot: How Real Estate Came to Own Us” is surprisingly the first that looks at the entire boom/bust picture. Katz told us the worst hit communities are in Cleveland, California and Florida &#151 but Texas has remained in the clear (mostly).


Later in the program (it’s only 15 minutes, folks) cohost Jason Boog and I riff on a few journalistic issues that have arisen lately. First, author Alice Hoffman’s Twitter debacle: she hit the feed to rant about a bad review her latest novel received and paid dearly for it. Things got really bad when she posted the reviewing journo’s e-mail and phone number. Now she’s sorry.

Journalism Online has unveiled a plan to help local news publications develop paid content systems for their Web entities. The Wall Street Journal is involved, so we expect big things from the project, though personally I’m not convinced paid content will work for pubs covering general news issues.

Give ‘er a listen and let us know what you think. We’re happy to hear all your criticisms.