Today on the Menu: 26/11 Attacks Put to Paper

By Matt Van Hoven 

November 26th of this year marks the one year anniversary of the attacks on Mumbai that killed some 173 people and all but one attacker. In the 12 months that have followed the plot has been unraveled and a trial aiming to punish the guilty is all but complete. The Virginia Quarterly Review will, over the next few days, publish a serialized version of the story by freelance border-crossing reporter Jason Motlagh, who penned a nearly 20,000 word story on the year that followed the attacks.

Normally working out of southern Afghanistan, Motlagh siphoned through rumor, innuendo and plethora reports on the matter &#151 hoping to gain a clear picture of the net effect. From dehumanizing attackers to the very human outcome, Motlagh’s piece is a return to long form that has been all but lost in today’s sound-byte-happy world. Listen to Motlagh discuss his tactics, challenges and accomplishments in this conversation with GalleyCat Editor Jason Boog and AgencySpy’s Matt Van Hoven.


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