Today in Awful PR Pitches…

By Kiran Aditham 

Comes courtesy of Gawker fave Ronn Torossian and his 5WPR fold. With the heightened security and long lines that have resulted from the foiled terror attack on Xmas Day, why shouldn’t airlines be able to take advantage of the marketing opportunities?

Thankfully, HuffPo and Fast Company columnist Adam Hanft, who “sees the extra security precautions as an opportunity for airlines rather than a challenge”, is here to talk about the branding bonanza. Ugh.

A couple key bullet points from the pitch verbatim:

– “Consumers will start loving any airline with the courage to take a public stand. Flyers know that the airlines don’t set security policy, but they’re hungry for them to step forward and be as angry and frustrated as they are.”

– “Airlines also need to rush in and make the long lines at security as tolerable as possible. They should set up flat screen TVs along the path, hand out milk and cookies, and have magicians to occupy crying kids.”

Magicians?? Really? As my cohort Matt Van Hoven says, “this is beautiful like a car wreck.” Kudos Ronn…

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