TM Alums Open Doors to Frank Unlimited

By Kiran Aditham 

It was exactly three months ago that we reported on the somewhat confusing situation at what was then McCann Seattle and the subsequent birth of a shop called Frank Unlimited.

Well, this week, FU officially opened its doors for business, and as we alluded to in our original post, took the Group Health account with it. Comprised of TM Advertising alums Forrest Healy, Zach Hitner and managing director Susana Cascais, the independent full-service agency also counts clients like Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and Redhook Ale Brewery.


For their first campaign, the Frank folks are rolling out the next phase of the “Well Beyond Medicine” effort that the group started last year when they were at TM (see here). Let’s just hope the name sticks this time.

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