Tips On How Not To Launch Your Agency

By SuperSpy 

It must be incredibly hard to launch an advertising agency. The cost. Getting the clients. The competitors, etc. However, that is no excuse for the sci-fi angled approach of New Zealand’s latest shop, Running With Scissors. Now, I know that New Zealand agencies are a bit off center, but come on. Go to the website and just let it play. Please, please, because I couldn’t possibly explain the men in cloaks, the replicant, the goat in all their glory.

Let me just say that there are a few things one should NOT do when launching an advertising agency:

1. Don’t let your love of Babylon 5 seep over into your website’s

2. Don’t proclaim that your agency is seminal, before you actually
prove it.

3. Don’t dress the owners in gold jump suits.

4. Don’t say that you created solutions based advertising. You

The website is all in good fun and maybe the kids down under will totes love it. As a blogger on the other side of the world? I’m just agog and aghast.

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