Timothy McTimber Pitches Humboldt Redwood for barrettSF

By Erik Oster 

San Francisco agency barrettSF launched a new campaign for Humboldt Redwood, promoting the brand with a little help from “spokesplank” Timothy McTimber.

McTimber is voiced by comedian Ross Brockley, who plays a builder/ventriloquist. The pair offer up deadpan observations about the quality of the brand’s wood. In one ad, “Just a Wall,” McTimber points out that “our ancestors didn’t have TV, the wall was the TV,” adding that they’d be blown away by the beautiful Redwood wall they’re looking at (as a pilgrim appears, transfixed by the wall). 

Other 30-second spots share similar titles (“Just a Deck,” “Just a Post,” “Just a Beam”) and a similar approach. “Just a Deck,” for example, sees McTimber explaining that the ad is just showing a deck, even though they could show you something else, but there’s no need (and then they do anyway). In “Just a Beam,” meanwhile, he asks if he isn’t beautiful, as Brockley states at a beautiful beam. Taken altogether, the spots can get a little redundant. But each functions well enough in its own right, showcasing the brand’s striking wood mixed with some lighthearted humor to make it a bit more memorable. Those afraid of ventriloquism might quickly tune it out, though.


Agency: barrettSF
ECD: Jamie Barrett
ECD: Pete Harvey
Copywriter: Peter Henningsen
Art Director: Byron Wages
Managing Director: Patrick Kelly
Account Supervisor: Michael Reardon
Executive Producer: Frank Brooks
Associate Producer: Charlotte Dugoni

Client: Humboldt Redwood
Director, Marketing: Jessica Hewitt
Marketing Associate: Jessica Chandler
Marketing Associate: Amber Lucas

Production Company: MJZ
President: David Zander
Director: Mike Maguire
Sr. Executive Producer: Eriks Krumins
Line Producer: Tracy Broaddus
DP: Barry Peterson
Production Designer: Michael Broaddus

Editorial: Arcade
Editor: Sean Lagrange
Assistant Editor: Brian Meagher

Music: Tone Farmer

Audio Mix: One Union Recording
Engineer: Eben