Time Warner Cable Goes ‘Crazy’

By Erik Oster 

Ogilvy and Mather NY’s latest spot for Time Warner Cable Sportscast, “Crazy,” directed by David Gray, asks if it’s crazy to love football so much that you do things that might be a little…unusual.

The simple :33 spot highlights a series of super-fan behaviors as a humorous way to advertise how missing a game is what would really make you crazy. The spot may have been more effective if they had went a little further out there with the “crazy” fan behaviors though, as most of them are pretty tame. The touchdown dance one, in particular, could have been replaced with something a little “crazier.” A lot of people don’t know how to dance.


Wearing the same outfit every game day? Setting up your daughter’s Brownie troop in shotgun formation? Growing a lucky beard?

No, Time Warner, that’s not crazy. But accidentally broadcasting porn on a children’s channel is. Credits after the jump.Credits:

Client: Time Warner Cable

Product: Enjoy Better

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather NY

Exec. Creative Director: Tommy Henvey

Copywriter: Darius Alaie

Art Director: Jolanta Aerts

Agency Exec Producer: Patti McConnell

Agency Asst. Producer: Garrett Crabb

EP, Music: Karl Westman

Production Co.: Station Film

Director: David Gray

Managing Partner: Stephen Orent

Partner/Exec. Producer: Thomas Rossano

Producer: Michelle To

DP: Tami Reiker


Editorial Co.: Crew Cuts

Editor: Mark Harrington

Asst. Editor: Jacob Trill

Online Artist: Eric Schwalbe

Exec. Producer: Nancy Shames

Producer:  Jessica Gonsalves

Finishing and VFX Prod.: Stephanie Norris

Telecine: Nice Shoes/Lez Rudge

Record/Mix:  Heard City/Eric Warzecha

Music Co.: JSM