Timberlake Creates Light Show in Paris for Givenchy

By Michael Musco 

Looks like  Justin Timberlake is taking a little break from hawking Sony products and giving Givenchy some face time. Fashion agency Anton & Partners has the right idea using the Social Network star, who got to run around in Paris for a few nights with a lovely lady, disrupt the city’s lighting system with his PDA and pitch a fragrance called “Play” all at the same time.

The spot itself, directed by Pierre Morel, is shot beautifully, feels classy and makes us wish were boarding a plane to the French capital and leaving our daily grind for a while. You can certainly tell from the feel and tone that this is not an ad for Axe or Old Spice. Credits after the jump.


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Agency: Anton & Partners, New York, NY
Creative Director: David Anton
Sr. Art Director: John Painter
Executive Producer: Marty Friedman
Production co.: Nola, New York, NY
Director: Pierre Morel
Executive Producer: Charlie Curran
Wildchild Editorial, New York, NY
Editor: Yvette Pineyro
Exec. Producer/Managing Partner: Alexandra Leal
Asst editor: Chuck Granado
Flame: Armand Matin
Post/Effects: Nola Pictures, New York
VFX Creative Director: Arman Matin
Producer: JJ Wilmoth
Telecine: Nice Shoes, New York, NY
Music: ill Factor, Miami, FL
Composer: Ivan Corraliza
Sound Design: Aberle Sound, New York
Sound Designer: Hank Aberle